5 Tips to Improve Your Work From Home Experience

5 tips to improve your work from home experience

While it’s an absolute privilege to work at home, there is a very real anxiety employees have about not feeling as productive at home. There’s a reason for that. Office spaces are built and curated to make employees work efficiently and yield the best results. Your home isn’t set up that way, but that’s okay because there’s a solution.

Get your home office up and running so you can perform your job responsibilities to the best of your ability, without the added stress of commuting and being in a commercial building.

Breathe easy with an AP

air purifier for your work space

Clean air is the theme of the year and we highly recommend you jump on this trend. A true HEPA air purifier is the best guarantee for cleansed air in any space. 

We recommend a desktop air purifier that is compact and can fit easily on your desk. A lightweight air purifier is incredibly beneficial because you can move it around as needed. It’s also energy-saving so you don’t have to worry about extra energy bill stress.

Create a workspace that is tailor made for you

work from home office

Functional but comfortable furniture is a must in creating the perfect work-from-home experience. Get a desk that works best for what you do on a daily basis. Use dual monitors, ergonomic keyboards, wireless mouses, high-def speakers, and other electronics to build a dynamic, efficient space. 

The office chair you choose is crucial because you’re spending the most time in it. A comfy, rolling chair with proper back and arm support is an essential piece in any home office. Give into the urge to splurge! No price is too high for something you’ll sit in for such long stretches of time. 

Settle on a fixed routine

set a routine for your schedule at home

Yes, even at home, you should have a routine. This may seem like common sense, but you’d be surprised at how easy it is to get lax at home without a schedule. Set an alarm for the same time every day and keep to a simple morning routine that helps you “wake up” and start the day. 

Whether this includes starting the day with a shower, a big cup of coffee, a morning run or a quick bite to eat, keep to the same routine on your work days; this’ll give you the best chance at productivity.

Lunch breaks can and should include naps

take naps during your lunch break

Naps aren’t just for children, folks! Everyone from the Mayo Clinic to John Hopkins Medicine recommends short, power naps throughout the day. Lasting no more than 30-40 minutes, power naps provide us with boosts of energy without the drowsiness of an overnight sleep. 

Build a nap into your schedule, preferably your lunch break, if you feel yourself running out of steam after you’ve eaten your midday meal. In an office space, you’d never be able to take a quick power nap during the day, but the rules are different at home.

Explore with home decor

home decor for your home office

Have fun with this one! When you’re working in an office space, there are limits to how you can spruce up your cubicle and make it feel like your own. At home, the limitations depend only on your lease or HOA agreement and your imagination.

An aesthetically appealing space can do wonders for your motivation and mood. 

Some ways to spice up your space:

-Get a comfortable rug underneath your desk in a key focus color that anchors the room, open blinds during the day, and lamps with soft lighting versus your overhead room light (if you have one).

-A small chaise, wide loveseat or plush futon across from your desk for those quick power naps.

-A whiteboard, Smartboard, or even a plain old chalkboard to help you plan, strategize, or even just creatively doodle in-between tasks.

-Wall art, gallery art, practical shelving, personal pictures, and hanging plants are all great and cheap ways to deck your walls.

-Make use of candles and oil diffusers in your favorite scents to complete the work oasis you’re striving for.

Share with us how you’re creating the perfect work-from-home experience in the comments or tag us on social media @airthereal!

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