5 Easy Ways to Keep Your Home Office Clean and Organized
easy ways to clean your home office

If you’re like 44% of people during the height of the pandemic, you’ve been working from home pretty much permanently since last March. It can be so easy to let things get messy and fall into complete disarray when you’re in a familiar space like home. As you’re reading this now, you’re aware of the candy wrappers, yesterday’s breakfast plate with bagel crumbs, crumpled napkins, old cups of coffee, etc. littered around your desk. 

Channel whatever you’re feeling in this moment into pure, cleaning energy! We have some uncomplicated ways to keep your office clean and organized all the time, without feeling like you’re doing chores all the time.

Routines Matter, Make One

start your day off right

Create and stick to a morning (or whenever you start your day) routine. This sounds basic, but it’s the crucial first step in keeping your office, and life, together. That includes doing the same things every morning to kickstart your day, whether that’s starting with a shower or a hot cup of coffee while you check your emails. Whatever it may be, consistency is key. 

Choose Your Storage Wisely

home office storage and organization

The number 1 rule in keeping your things in order is getting the right storage pieces for the various items you’re keeping around the office. Storage ottomans are cute and all, but are they right for the office? Go for pieces that make sense like:

  • Assorted, stackable wall cubbies that are not only great for organizing, but perfect for putting your things on display and creating a neat look for your space.
  • The traditional filing cabinet doesn’t have to be the boring, square one you’re thinking of. They come in all shapes and sizes, so have fun with color with your cabinets. 
  • A bookcase is a staple in every home office. Organize your books by color or author or whatever is pleasing to you. You can also use the bookcase as a display for decor!
  • Other smaller pieces like magazine holders or racks, storage bins, file organizers, etc. are perfect for desktop organization and tidiness. 

Paper is the Past, Go Digital

declutter the paper

The easiest thing we all do is let paper pile up everywhere, whether that’s tax documents or mail on the coffee table or paperwork in your home office. It’s time to put an end to the paper hoarding! First things first, we highly recommend a paper shredder. These machines are absolutely clutch in dealing with excess amounts of paper. Go through all the paper you have lying around and if it exists in digital, shred it. (This does not include important personal documents, of course, you be the judge on what that may be.) 

Next, set up online accounts for e-fax and e-sign so that you can easily and more efficiently handle the sending and receiving of important documents.

Regular Weekly Cleanings

ozone cleaning for the office

Yes, you need to clean your office every week, as well as a deep clean once a month. It’s so important to do this because our biggest enemy, the dust mite, teams up with our 2nd biggest enemy, germs, to wreak havoc on our sinuses and make us feel generally unclean.

Scheduled weekly cleanings (Friday afternoons are a great time) vastly help with reducing dust and keeping your space fresh so you can focus on your tasks. After wiping down surfaces and dusting everything, run an air purifier to catch any impurities in the air. For the deep cleaning, deploy an ozone generator to really root out any mildew, mold, or odors that may have built up over time.

Use Decor as a Way to Organize

desk decor

Last but not least, have some fun with this. Decorate your office how you want it to look but also keep in mind multi-functional decor pieces that can double as storage or organization!

Floating shelves come in all shapes and sizes and give the illusion of things floating off the walls. Floor lamps that double as bookshelves are modular and sleek. Storage step-ladders are small but great ways to keep the space neat but good-looking. We also adore desktop decor that isn’t dead weight taking up space. 

Staying organized and keeping your home office clean is not only good for your physical health, but for your mental health as well. Starting each workday with a fresh start can do wonders for motivation and productivity. Enjoy your time working at home!

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