12 Places You Can Put Your New True HEPA Air Purifier

 true hepa air purifiers for home and office

These past few years, more and more of us are dealing with anything from wildfire smoke to seasonal allergies to increasing airborne viruses. Keeping your lungs healthy and your family safe is of the utmost importance. Now that you’ve gotten your new True HEPA Air Purifier and replacement filters, your home or work place is now ready to be purified!

Most of our air purifiers are compact and/or lightweight, so they can be moved around wherever you need them. Here’s a list of some of the places you can put your new air purifier, so you can get the freshest air possible no matter where you are, in no particular order:

1. Bedroom

This one is a no-brainer, right? Whether you want to breathe easy while you sleep (and help with snoring) or just need the noise of the highest level to rock you to sleep, an air purifier is a great nightstand addition.

bedroom air purifier for sleep

“I use this air purifier at night and it has helped [me] sleep so much better. Really like the time settings and volume of [the] fan. This is my first air purifier. Very pleased,” Kim said in her review.

2. Home / Work Office

Concentration is key to productivity and it can be incredibly hard to concentrate on your work when you’re not breathing well. No one is their most productive when they’re sniffling, sneezing or having trouble breathing. A desktop air purifier is the best solution for this little issue.

air purifier for home office or work place

“Really like this air purifier. I have it in my office at work and I use it daily. Especially under these situations. People have commented on its appearance. I love the fact that it is so quiet yet it does an awesome job,” Thelma said in her Amazon review.

3. Kitchen

air purifier for cooking in kitchen

Cooking can stir up a lot of smells, mostly pleasant, some not-so-pleasant. If you accidentally burn something, the house can smell like it for days! (An ozone generator can help remove persistent odors.) Running an air purifier while you fry up your family’s dinner will help with keeping pesky airborne byproducts out of your lungs.

4. Dining Room

air purifier for dining room

Enjoy your meals without bad smells and allergens in the air. Running an air purifier while you eat the dinner you just made will ensure you actually enjoy the meal you worked so hard on. Our machines have different fan levels, so you can keep it on low, which is the quietest mode.

5. Car/SUV/Bus

Yes, you can even take an air purifier with you on the road! One of our more compact devices is car-compatible and comes with a plug that fits into the vehicle’s lighter socket. Travel with fresh air if the outdoor air becomes too polluted to have your windows down.

6. Bathroom

Every bathroom should have a proper ventilation system, so you shouldn’t have to worry about this room too much. However, depending on your location (West Coast dealing with wildfires or areas with high cases of COVID) an air purifier in a high-trafficked bathroom will come in handy. Specifically, a medical-grade* machine will be super helpful. 

7. Garage

Garages are notorious for being the least clean areas of the home, which makes sense considering their primary function. But if you work a lot in your garage, you may be exposed to fumes harmful to your lungs. Run an air purifier inside your garage while you’re in there to minimize breathing in any airborne particles.

8. Nursery/Kids’ Room

Babies need the healthiest possible air! The early years are fundamental to development and it’s crucial the environment a child grows up in is clean and free of allergens. A small, compact air purifying machine will help keep the room fresh, while not disturbing their rest.

9. Classroom 

air purifier for classrooms

If you work in a classroom, you already know how incredibly important a medical-grade air purifier is. In fact, our APH260 machine is the most popular pick for school districts across the United States. From customer Sally’s review: “All of our teachers and  administrators love having an air purifier in their classrooms/offices. Thank you!”

10. Conference Rooms

Similar to a classroom, conference rooms have a ton of different people moving in and out all day, every day. A larger, more powerful air purifier will be able to cycle the air more quickly and efficiently.

11. Greenroom 

If you’re like many of us, we developed a plant habit over the course of the pandemic. Many devices, machines and tools can and will be used while you nurture your indoor plants but an air purifier will be incredibly helpful in keeping the air around your plant babies fresh. 

12. Gym

This is an easy one, but it must be included! Gyms can get super stinky and build up mildew, mold and other gross organisms, if not cleaned with care. Both an air purifier running while you work up a sweat, plus an ozone generator for the post-workout clean-up is the perfect combination. 

These are just some of the places you can put your new air purifier! You can also put it in your closet, your laundry room, the hallway and many other spots. Wherever we breathe, clean air should always be available. 

*Due to the growing concerns over COVID-19 and wildfire smoke, we have started upgrading our standard HEPA filters to medical-grade H13 HEPA filters. Instead of capturing 99.97% of particles up to 0.3 microns (about 300 times smaller than a human hair), a medical grade H13 HEPA filter captures 99.97% of particles up to 0.1 microns in size, about 900 times smaller than a human hair. Particles in the 0.1-0.3 micron range are among the most harmful to human respiratory health.

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