Experience Unmatched Cleaning Power with the AquaMarvin AM6 Robotic Pool Cleaner


For years, pool owners have faced challenges when it comes to keeping their pools clean. Manual cleaning methods, such as using nets to scoop out debris or relying on inefficient automated systems, have proven to be time-consuming and labor-intensive. These older pool cleaners often struggle to reach corners, walls, and waterlines effectively, leaving some areas of the pool neglected.

However, with the introduction of the AquaMarvin AM6 Robotic Pool Cleaner, these historical pain points are eliminated thanks to innovative features and cutting-edge technology. The AM6 offers unmatched cleaning power with its powerful suction and four strong brushes, ensuring effective removal of debris as small as 5/8 inches. It also features intelligent obstacle avoidance technology, allowing it to navigate seamlessly around objects in the pool, preventing obstructions and interruptions during the cleaning process.

Efficient Cleaning Performance

The AquaMarvin AM6 is equipped with a robust 100W motor and four strong brushes, providing exceptional cleaning performance. Its powerful suction can effectively remove debris as small as 5/8 inches from your pool. Whether it's dirt, leaves, insects, or other unwanted particles, the skimmer for this robotic cleaner tackles them all, leaving your pool pristine and sparkling.

Versatile Functionality for Customized Cleaning

To address your pool’s specific cleaning needs, the AquaMarvin AM6 offers multiple cleaning modes. You can choose the floor clean mode for comprehensive pool floor cleaning, wall clean mode for convenient one-click wall climbing and cleaning, or waterline clean mode to tackle challenging waterline buildup. This versatility ensures thorough cleaning coverage for every part of your pool.

Smart Features for Hassle-Free Operation

The AquaMarvin AM6 incorporates intelligent obstacle avoidance technology, enabling it to navigate seamlessly around objects in your pool. This ensures uninterrupted cleaning performance and minimizes the chances of the cleaner getting stuck. With easy setup and user-friendly controls, maintaining a clean pool has never been more convenient.

Suitable for All Pool Surfaces

No matter the surface material of your pool - whether it's concrete, vinyl, fiberglass, or tile - the AquaMarvin AM6 is designed to handle it all. Its versatile design and powerful cleaning capabilities ensure a thorough and effective cleaning experience regardless of your pool's surface type. You can trust the AM6 to deliver outstanding results on any pool surface.

Advanced Specifications for Optimal Performance

The AquaMarvin AM6 is packed with impressive specifications that contribute to its top-notch performance. Additionally, the ultrasonic navigation system enables precise spot cleaning and optimal path planning, ensuring every inch of your pool is thoroughly cleaned.

App Control for Ultimate Convenience

Take control of your pool cleaning experience with the app. By connecting the AquaMarvin AM6 to the app via Wi-Fi (skimmer/AC power supply required), you can remotely control your pool cleaner from multiple devices. Start or pause cleaning sessions with a simple click, customize cleaning modes, and gain valuable insights into your pool maintenance data – all from the palm of your hand. The app allows you to remotely manage and monitor your pool cleaning, giving you peace of mind.

Extensive Range and Easy Maintenance

The AquaMarvin AM6 offers an extensive range, allowing you to control the cleaner from up to 50ft away. Its large 4,000 ml filter basket ensures efficient debris collection down to 250 microns, making it easy to flush and maintain. Additionally, the AM6 is equipped with features like low battery alerts and automatic retrieval when the battery is running low. These functionalities ensure worry-free cleaning sessions and help extend the longevity of your pool cleaner.


Say goodbye to manual labor and welcome the convenience of automation with the AquaMarvin AM6 Robotic Pool Cleaner. Its advanced features and powerful performance bring an end to the challenges faced by pool owners offering an immersive and captivating pool maintenance experience that will keep your pool consistently clean and inviting.

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