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Valentine's Day Sale

*Offer valid through 11:59pm PST, 2/14/2020.
*Offer cannot be combined with other discounts or gift sets.
*Must enter promotion code: LOVEAIR. Code will automatically apply 20% off all orders of 2 or more products.
*Only the following products enjoy the discount. The offer does not apply to AGH550.
*Airthereal has the right to end or modify any promotion at any time.
MA10K-PRO Ozone Generator, 10000mg/h, up to 2000 sq.ft., Kill Virus Bacteria
Regular price $ 119.99 USD
MA5000 Ozone Generator, 5000mg/h, 1000 sq.ft., Remove Smoke, Pet Odors
Regular price $ 79.99 USD
APH260 True HEPA Air Purifier, up to 355 sq.ft., UV-C Kills Molds and Bacteria
Regular price $ 129.99 USD
MA10K-PRODIGI Ozone Generator, 10,000mg/h, 2000+ sq.ft., 12/24 Hours Cycle Mode with Display
Regular price $ 179.99 USD
B50 Mini Ozone Generator Plug-In Air Purifier, 320 sq.ft.
Regular price $ 29.99 USD Sold out
B50-PRO Mini Ozone Generator, 330 sq.ft., Cycle Mode Optional
Regular price $ 34.99 USD Sold out
Airthereal Day Dawning ADH80 7-in-1 True HEPA Air Purifier 01
ADH80 True HEPA Air Purifier, up to 160 sq.ft., Smart Sensor, Car Compatible
Regular price $ 79.99 USD
ADH50B True HEPA Air Purifier, up to 110 sq.ft., Desktop Energy Saving
ADH50B True HEPA Air Purifier, up to 110 sq.ft., Desktop Energy Saving
Regular price $ 49.99 USD