Airthereal B50-PRO Mini Ozone Generator with Anion, LED Light, Timer and Cycled Mode

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UPGRADED VERSION B50 PRO: Compare with Airthereal B50 model, B50 PRO has a larger and smoother appearance with two modes and LED light, which is designed to be more humanized and compact for you to use anywhere.

TWO MODES FOR TREATMENT: When you turn on the switch on the right side of the unit, you could choose two modes for treatment. Single press the middle button into 30 mins timing mode. Double press the middle button into cycled mode 5 mins operating and 25 mins break.

LED LIGHT FUNCTION: Turn on the LED&ION switch on the right side, it can product anion only and light up a bright LED. It is a safe indication when you use it at night or in the dark place.

PERSONAL OZONE GENERATOR: 50mg/h ozone output purifies up to 330 sq/ft. Remove odors for small rooms, smoke, pet smells, bathroom, toilet, smell shoes, sports equipment, musty basement and any space with limited air flow.

WARRANTY & MAINTENANCE: We provide 1 year warranty. For any questions or unsatisfactory, please contact us at We will address your issue as soon as we can.

About Airthereal: A Real Room, An Ethereal Ambiance

Ozone exists in the ozone layer region of the atmosphere to protect human beings from the sun's ultraviolet radiation. We also sense its fresh and clean smell after thunderstorms. Now we have Airthereal to move this nature's powerful sterilizer into your house. When odors, bacteria or viruses meet ozone, oxidation reactions occur and both parties are destroyed. Ozone essentially reverts back to oxygen, which makes it environment friendly. You don't have to go out for some fresh air. Just enjoy your ethereal ambiance indoors with Airthereal.

Where to Use (Includes below but is not limited)

Small Rooms

Smoke and Pet Smells

Bathroom and Toilet

Smell Shoes

Sports Equipment

Cars and Boats

Kitchens and Restaurants


Brand: Airthereal

Model: B50-PRO

Mode: Keep on mode and cycle mode

Color: Black

Light: LED

Ozone Production: 50 mg/h

Voltage rating: 110-240V AC, 50/60hz

Power: ≤ 7 W

Noise level: ≤ 34dBA

Warranty: 1 year

Unit Dimensions: 5.1''L*3.9''W'' 2.0''H

Unit Weight: 0.88lbs (400g)

Applicable Area: 330 sq/ft(30㎡)

Package List

1* B50 PRO Ozone Generator

1* User Manual

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