AquaMarvin AM6 Troubleshooting Guide

1. Irregular working path:


The robot's trajectory is irregular or it runs irregularly in a small area in an open space.


- Turn off the product and place it on a flat surface.

- Check if the product is running on the latest software version and perform OTA software upgrades if necessary.

- Restart the product and wait for at least 3 seconds before moving it into the water.


2. Product stops working:


The product starts up normally, and the working indicator light is on, but after running in the water for a while, it stops working, the water pump stops, and the product floats in the water.


- Check if the machine has sufficient battery power and if the indicator light is in standby mode.

- Use the app or remote control to operate the product again.

- Wait for about 10 seconds and restart the machine (if using the remote control, press the button for more than 1 second). You can manually control the product to move forward and backward to check if the water pump is working.

- If the product still doesn't work properly, turn it off, take it out of the water, and then turn it on again. Wait for 3 seconds before putting it back into the water.

- If the product works normally after the above steps, it may be a software issue that causes random shutdowns. In this case, wait for a new software version and perform OTA software upgrade.


3. Crossing and avoiding obstacles:


Can the robot work on an uneven pool bottom (some pool bottoms may have uneven patterns or tiles)?


- The robot can cross gaps below the chassis clearance height (8mm), but if the gap is higher, it may get stuck and trigger the obstacle avoidance program.

- The cleaning effectiveness may be affected by an uneven pool bottom.


4. Descaling capability:


Can the robot remove fine dirt and debris?


- The internal trash bin of the main unit has a capacity of 4L and a mesh size of 250um. It cannot collect dirt smaller than this mesh size.

- For first-time use, it is recommended to manually clean the stubborn dirt on the pool bottom using tools. After that, regular cleaning with the robot is sufficient.

- For small stones or similar debris, it is normal for the robot not to be able to suck them into the trash bin. In such cases, the user needs to remove them separately.


5. Impact of loose components on performance:


Which loose components affect the robot's performance?


- Cable connectors should not be submerged in water. Before putting the robot in the water, make sure the connectors are correctly connected and secured in place.

- The internal components of the robot are waterproof. Loose components (such as sensors) do not affect the actual performance, but they need to be reinstalled properly to ensure the stable operation of the robot.

- Emphasize to customers the importance of securely covering the waterproof cap.


6. Drive wheel not turning:


The robot is working normally, but one of the wheels is not turning.


- Check if there are any foreign objects between the chassis and the wheels, and remove them if necessary.

- In the water, activate the manual mode and press the forward button to check if all four wheels are turning. If one of the wheels is not turning, it indicates a hardware motor problem (the forward mode will stop after 2 minutes).


7. Unable to climb walls:


The product can move forward and reach the wall, but it cannot climb the wall.


- Confirm the working mode and use the manual wall climbing mode to check if the product can climb the wall normally.

- Make sure the robot can move smoothly on the pool floor and the water pump is working properly.

- Check if the power supply is sufficient and if the trash bin is full (blockage can affect wall climbing).

- If the robot still cannot climb the wall after multiple tests, it may be a software issue. Try updating the software via OTA and test again.


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