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Find answers to our most frequently asked questions below. You can also send us a message at or call us at 1-725-333-0437 (1pm - 4pm EST, Mon-Fri).

Frequently Asked Questions

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Please email us at as soon as possible if you would like to cancel or change your order. Our fulfillment center processes orders quickly, but we will process the cancellation as long as the order has not already been shipped. 

If the order has already shipped you will need to email customer support to request a return. 

You can view order status on your Account page, which will be updated after your order is placed and again once your order ships. You will also receive a confirmation email after checkout which will contain order updates. 

You can use one promo code per order. Discount codes cannot be combined with any other offers that may be live on our site at the time that your order is placed.

Keep in mind that promo codes cannot be combined. Exclusions include but are not limited to: newly launched collections, accessory, and open box items. Promo codes typically cannot be used during promotions as well, so double check the fine print when a promotion is live.

Just click the REDEEM GIFT CARD link in the email. Create an account or log in and enter the code. You can always enter the code here. Once you have applied the gift card to your account, it will automatically apply to your next purchase. If you do not have enough store credit in your account to complete the purchase, you can pay the remaining balance with your credit card.

Product - Air Purifier

When the replacement icon lights up, it is a reminder to check and change the air filter. It’s recommended to replace the filter every 6-8 months for optimal use, or according to your air filter status.

After replacing the filter, please reset the filter alert according to the instructions in the user manual.

Anions are particles with one or more extra electrons, conferring a net negative charge to the particle. It's used to eliminate the occurrence of airborne bacterial infections and to reduce static electricity buildup in electronics.

It speeds up the purification by absorbing pollen, dust and other airborne particles. When the anion function is on, it becomes an air ionizer that uses high voltage to ionize air molecules.

The model has the Anion function: APH260 

UV-C refers to ultraviolet light with wavelengths between 200 - 280 nanometers (nm). It emits UV light to activate the titanium oxides to break down harmful viruses, bacteria and gases that HEPA and Carbon cannot capture. The UV light is installed inside the box to avoid people being exposed directly to the UV.

APH260 has been tested for electrical safety and ozone emissions and complies with the maximum allowable concentration of ozone of 0.050 parts per million by volume (ppmv) in a 24-hour period(CARB indoor air cleaning devices safety).

The UV-C light is rated at 50,000 hours, or slightly longer than 5 years. There's no need to replace the UV light for normal maintenance.

To switch on the UV-C light, press the UV-C button to activate the UV-C Light Mode.

To switch off the UV-C light, press the UV-C button again to inactivate the UV-C Light Mode. 

The model has the UV function: APH260, AGH430

It absorbs smoke particles in the HEPA filter under anion mode. Then, the 3 Filtration Stage True HEPA filter will filter all smokes out of fresh air. So yes, it removes the smell of smoke by catching all smoke chemicals from the air.  

Product - Ozone Generator

Ozone (O3) is a powerful sterilizer. When odors, bacteria or viruses meet ozone, oxidation reactions occur and both parties are destroyed. Ozone essentially reverts back to oxygen. Therefore, even though exposure to high concentrations of ozone could do harm to humans and pets, it won’t last long in the air. Just remember to open doors or windows to allow ventilation for at least 30 minutes after use, or turn on the air conditioning during the treatment if you use it in the basement. It could sterilize the air-conditioning system as well. 

Note: Ozone can adversely affect indoor plants, and damage materials such as rubber, electrical wire coatings,fabrics and art work containing susceptible dyes and pigments. 

Since the main reaction of ozone is strong oxidation, during the oxidation some polymer groups may have some negative effects, such as PU plastics oxidizing and turning yellow.

Step 1 - Clean up the pollutants

Before ozone treatments, please do some cleaning in order to remove the source of the odors. Close the windows and doors. Make sure no people or pets are in the room.

Step 2 - Use the timer

It's highly recommended to set the timer and leave it in the room. Treatment time can be adjusted according to the room size and air quality. If you are not sure, you can start with 15 min and increase the treatment duration or frequency next time.

Step 3 - Use in Unoccupied space ONLY

Exposure to high concentration of ozone can be harmful. Please stay outside the room being ozone treated. We include a NO ENTRY sign in the package as a gift, which can be hung on the door.

Step 4 - Repeat ozone treatments (as needed)

You can take out your ozone generator and schedule an ozone treatment whenever you suffer from odor issues. Repeat it whenever air problems occur.

To remove tough odors, please increase treatment time and frequency until your problem is gone. 

If the mold on the wall is out in the open, such as visible on the wall, the ozone will kill the visible mold on the walls as well as the spores in the air. After several uses of the ozone machine, the mold will change color...gray to white, and you can then clean it off with bleach If the mold is behind the wall, it will not be exposed to enough ozone to eliminate it. So, if possible, you would have to eliminate the mold behind the wall in order to eliminate it permanently.

If you cannot remove the mold from behind a wall, you will need to use ozone periodically to kill the spores in the air as they form. That should prevent mold from growing elsewhere.

If your house is very humid or damp, despite using a dehumidifier, mold will likely form regularly. In that case, use the ozone regularly to kill the spores in the air. 

Maintenance is super easy.

1. Take out and wash the pre-filter at the back whenever it gets filled with dust. Put it back when dry. That’s it! 

2. Keep the unit in a cool,dry space when in storage.

3. The ozone plate is meant to be used for years. Only change the plate when the blue light on it gets much weaker than before and you can’t smell as much ozone as before. . The ozone plate replacements are available for sale on Amazon and our website.

Clean or change the ozone plates if the ozone output is weak. Environmental factors affect the duration of ozone output. Unscrew the four screws on both sides of the machine. Press the handle, loosen the ozone holder, and pull out the ozone plate. Clean the plate with water or replace it with a new one, make sure the plate is dry and the metal terminals contact well when reinstalling.

The weird order is the residual ozone after the air treatment. After use, please open doors and windows to allow ventilation for 60 minutes. The residual ozone will disappear soon.

Yes, you can stay in another room if you close doors and windows of the room being ozone treated. Just make sure all remaining ozone reverts back to oxygen or thoroughly air out before you return to the room.

Please use an extension outlet when you run ozone generators inside the car. It needs to be plugged into an outlet.

Vehicle's air conditioning system can easily accumulate bacteria and dust, then the oxides in the ozone reaction may stay in the system and stink for a while. Therefore, we suggest you run the ozone generator in the vehicle for 10-15 minutes per use. Turn on the Recirculation Mode during the treatment and turn on the Fresh Air Mode after treatment, helping ventilation. As the sterilization and disinfection effect of cycle use is the best, frequent ozone treatment is the key to remove odors, instead of the long treatment.

The rubber, plastic, and upholstery in the vehicle may be oxidized during the treatment, but as the treatment time is short, it shouldn’t be a big problem.

Many customers reported that the ozone generator is good for keeping the mustiness away in the basement.

Here are the points to note when using ozone machine in basement:

  • Turn on the air conditioning during the treatment if you use it in the basement. It could sterilize the air-conditioning system as well.
  • You must thoroughly air out all remaining ozone before you return to the basement. If you believe they are not able to make it air out thoroughly, please allow a longer time to consume the residual ozone before returning to the room. Normally, the ozone will need 4 hours to react and disappear completely, but depending on the ventilation.
  • If you can smell the ozone when you are upstairs, you need to block heat or cold air duct return registers. Ozone can sterilize these ducts as well<, but it’s not great for you to be able to smell it upstairs. .
  • If you need further assistance, please feel free to reach out to us at

Theoretically, in the 350 ft³ (10m³) area with 10,000 mg/h output, the concentration of ozone is 166.67mg/m³ in 10 minutes, PPM will be 128.91ppm. 

However, ozone is extremely unstable, it will quickly react with pollutants in the air and reverts back to oxygen. Therefore, its concentration is unstable and difficult to measure in daily use. Just remember to open doors or windows to allow ventilation for at least 30 minutes after use, or turn on the air conditioning during the treatment if you use it in the basement. It could sterilize the air-conditioning system as well. 

The ozone generator uses the O2 source in the air to produce ozone through the silent corona discharge method, so it may spark in the first few seconds of ozone generation. However, sometimes sparks can be caused by dust on the surface of the ozone plate. Heavy spark issues will speed up the loss of the lifetime of the ozone plate.

Or if the ozone plate is broken, abnormal or severe sparks(like firework) and a buzzing sound are likely to appear.


1. Take out the ozone plate to clean it and try it again to see whether the spark still exists. Unscrew the four screws on both sides of the machine. Press the handle, loosen the ozone holder, and draw out the ozone plate, clean it with water. Make sure the plate is dry, and the metal terminals contact well.

2. If the ozone plate is broken, it needs to be replaced with a new ozone plate.

If you use the AH1000 ozone generator for air purification, the tube doesn't need to be attached. Press the Power button to turn on the unit. Use + - buttons to choose the ozone operating time. The ozone will be directly emitted through the air outlet. After the timer countdown is complete, the display screen will show as 00. The ozone will stop generating but the air pump will be delayed for 30 seconds.

Product - Water Heater

If there is no hot water coming from your electric tankless water heater, please check the following points:

  • Check if the machine is correctly installed and powered on.
  • After powering on, check if the buttons respond well.
  • Check if there is an error code on the screen. If so, follow the user manual instructions to eliminate it.
  • System overloading: If there is no hot water but cold water, probably it's because too many faucets are being run at once. To overcome this problem, try to use one hot water appliance or install more tankless water heaters to meet your needs.

The estimated lifespan of Airthereal electric tankless water heaters is 5-8 years (depending on the daily usage).

To ensure consistent Maximum performance of the unit, it is recommended to follow these instructions:

1. Periodically remove scale and dirt that may build up at the aerator of the faucet or in the showerhead.

2. There is a built-in filter at the inlet connection which should be cleaned from time to time. Please cut the water supply before cleaning this filter. You can then reverse the inlet and outlet pipe connection (connect each pipe to the opposite connection) and open the faucet to manually flush the filter by opening the faucet to its max. After flushing the filter in this way, remember to reverse the pipes back to the normal connections.

Please DO NOT directly drink the water from the water heater. The water from the faucets must have drinking water quality and untreated plumbing might have a bacteria risk, thus it is well advised to not use heated water for drinking.